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本文摘要:Gym designers have rid locker rooms of the gnarly shower curtains, trading them in for sexy glass escape pods. They have made bathroom stalls ever more private. Comfy couch corners, Wi-Fi and lockers with built-in locks have gone from swan


Gym designers have rid locker rooms of the gnarly shower curtains, trading them in for sexy glass escape pods. They have made bathroom stalls ever more private. Comfy couch corners, Wi-Fi and lockers with built-in locks have gone from swank options to standard issue.健身房设计师早已抛弃用坚硬浴帘分隔的更衣室,取而代之性感的玻璃隔间。他们把浴室隔间也做到得更加偷窥。以前,舒适度的沙发、WiFi和具有内置锁住的储物柜是奢华的可选项,现在这些都是标配。

“Everyone wants to get upgraded now,” said Rudy Fabiano, an architect who estimates he has designed about 500 gyms in the last 25 years.建筑师鲁迪·法比亚诺(Rudy Fabiano)称之为自己在过去25年里约设计了500家健身房。他说道:“现在所有人都想要升级。

”But gyms are still unable to provide the one thing younger men in particular seem to really want: a way for them to shower and change without actually being nude.但是,健身房仍然无法获取年轻人确实想的一样东西:不用裸体示人就能洗浴沐浴。Each day, thousands upon thousands of men in locker rooms nationwide struggle to put on their underwear while still covered chastely in shower towels, like horrible breathless arthropods molting into something tender-skinned. They writhe, still moist, into fresh clothes.每天,美国各地成千上万的男人在更衣室里难为情地裹着浴巾,费力穿着上内裤,就像可怕的气喘吁吁的节肢动物在转变成软体动物。身上还没有干透就得晃动着穿着上整洁衣服。

“In the last 20 years, maybe 25 years, there’s a huge cultural shift in people that ultimately affects gyms,” said Bryan Dunkelberger, a founding principal of S3 Design, which has worked for clients like Equinox and the Sports Club/ LA.S3设计公司(S3 Design)曾服务过Equinox和Sports Club/ LA等客户。该公司的主要创始人布赖恩·邓克尔伯格(Bryan Dunkelberger)说道:“在过去20年或25年里,文化的根本性变迁最后影响了健身房。”“Old-timers, guys that are 60-plus, have no problem with a gang shower and whatever,” Mr. Dunkelberger said. “The Gen X-ers are a little bit more sensitive to what they’re spending and what they’re expecting. And the millennials, these are the special children. They expect all the amenities. They grew up in families that had Y.M.C.A. or country club memberships. They expect certain things. Privacy, they expect.”邓克尔伯格说道:“60多岁的老年人对大家一起淋浴什么的没意见。



”Your gym wants you to have gym buds, with whom you buy expensive carb-infested juices on site and with whom you swap tips about trainers and teachers (but with whom you definitely don’t swap spit). And now your gym wants you to feel a little more at ease in that most sensitive space: the men’s locker room.健身房期望你享有健美伙伴,你们可以一起在健身房出售便宜的高碳水化合物的果汁,互相交换关于教练和老师的观点(但是你认同会和他互相交换唾液)。现在,健身房想要让你在最脆弱的空间感觉更自在:男更衣室。Showering after gym class in high school became virtually extinct in the ’90s. And if Manhattan’s high-end gyms weren’t riddled with ab-laden models or Europeans (or both), there would be few heterosexuals under 40 who have spent any naked time with other men.高中上完了体育课后洗浴的作法在20世纪90年代早已基本消失。

若不是曼哈顿的高级健身房里围观腹肌显著的模特儿或欧洲人(或欧洲模特儿),又有几个40岁以下的异性恋男士和其他男人有过裸体相会。“It’s funny, they’re more socially open with everything — Facebook, social media — yet more private in their personal space,” said Kevin Kavanaugh, the president of David Barton Gym.戴维·巴顿健身房(David Barton Gym)总裁凯文·卡瓦诺(Kevin Kavanaugh)说道:“很有意思,他们在所有事情上都更加对外开放,比如在Facebook等社交媒体上,但是却拒绝更加偷窥的个人空间。

”Not long after the invention of the idea of personal space in 1959 came a classic ’70s study gamely titled “Personal Space Invasions in the Lavatory.” In it, researchers spied upon urinals to see how long it took for men to begin emptying their bladders.1959年,个人空间这个概念经常出现。在那旋即之后的70年代,经常出现了一个经典研究,名字很有意思:《厕所里的个人空间侵害》(Personal Space Invasions in the Lavatory)。研究者们在男用小便器上加装了一个探测器,跟踪男人们在多长时间之后开始清空膀胱。

It takes, we learned, almost twice as long when there is a man at a urinal next to you, and about half as long as when someone is one urinal away, compared to going it alone.研究结果是,与独自一人沾满比起,旁边小便器有人的话,开始沾满的时间要延后一倍,于隔年一个小便器有人的话,时间不会延长一半。Closeness breeds anxiety; penis-related closeness can be overwhelming.社交距离的增大让人紧绷;与生殖器有关的社交距离增大有可能让人难以承受。“Someone standing next to you at the subway station fully clothed is less close than someone standing next to you naked at a gym,” Mr. Dunkelberger said.邓克尔伯格说道:“健身房里裸体车站在你旁边的人比地铁站里穿著衣服车站在你旁边的人更加让你实在狠狠得将近。”“Privacy and space is kind of where it’s at,” Mr. Fabiano said.法比亚诺说道:“偷窥和空间各不相同地点。

”Gyms, like black holes, resonate at a frequency. There is the chartreuse and violet and space-black thrum of David Barton Gym, and the clean white with candy red accents of New York Sports Club — a red wholly different from the sensual deep red ping of Barry’s Bootcamp. The blistering white and yellow of a SoulCycle burns the hottest.健身房和黑洞一样,是在某个频率上震动。戴维·巴顿健身房是橄榄绿、紫罗兰色和太空白的演奏;纽约运动俱乐部(New York Sports Club)是整洁的白色配上糖果红色,那种红色与巴里训练营(Barry’s Bootcamp)魅惑的深红色全然不同。SoulCycle健身房显眼的白色和黄色尤为性感。


Our budget-conscious friend Blink Fitness has a funny soft blue that I can’t even hear. Crunch has the palette of those awesome Indian comic books. The wheat and marble of Equinox is like “Mussolini does the Hamptons.”侧重成本的Blink Fitness健身房用的是一种我从没听说过的有意思的淡蓝色。Crunch健身房的色调看起来印第安漫画书的精彩配上。

Equinox健身房的小麦色和大理石色就像“墨索里尼回到了纽约汉普顿海滨”。Mr. Dunkelberger believes that women pick a gym based on whether it is clean and safe. Only then do they imagine themselves in the environment. Men choose a gym more abstractly, less sensibly, more ineptly.邓克尔伯格指出,女人挑选出健身房的标准是整洁安全性。只有符合这两个条件,女人们才能想象自己在其中的情景。

男人挑选出健身房的标准则更加抽象化,不明智,更加老是。Now, more than ever before, they choose tastefulness. In almost every high-end locker room there is a wet door, leading to a dank troll cave. This is the steam room. But at the Equinox abutting the High Line, the men’s steam room instead intrudes: It is a glass box that presents itself as a wall dividing the sink area and shower area.现在,他们比以往任何时候都更加侧重品味。

完全所有的高档更衣室都另设一块湿地板,通向干燥的洞穴——蒸汽室。但是在高线(High Line)附近的Equinox健身房,男用蒸汽室是引人注目来的:它是一个玻璃房,把盥洗区和淋浴区分分隔。From three sides, fleshy moving colors are visible inside. It is reminiscent of the absurd smoking chamber of Rome’s Fiumicino airport. It is a thirst trap as drawn by Michel Foucault and executed by Olafur Eliasson. It’s great.你能从三面看见移动的人影。它让人回想了罗马菲乌米奇诺机场(Fiumicino)荒谬的吸烟室。

它就像米歇尔·福柯(Michel Foucault)设想、奥拉维尔·埃利亚松(Olafur Eliasson)制作的饥渴陷阱。棒极了。

The Equinox on East 61st Street, two David Barton locations and the Setai Club on Wall Street have lately partnered with Glam Go, a blowout bar that starts at $25 for 15-minute dry-hair blowouts.东61街上的Equinox健身房、戴维·巴顿的两家分店以及华尔街的Setai Club健身房最近和Glam Go吹发店合作——花费25美元可以取得15分钟吹干头发的服务(这是起步价)。At the David Barton Gym on Astor Place, Glam Go was installed inside the women’s locker room. “Our men are saying: ‘Hey, what about me? I can’t go in the ladies room to get it,’” Mr. Kavanaugh said. “So we’re talking about how to put it in gender-neutral areas.”在阿斯特广场(Astor Place)的戴维·巴顿健身房,Glam Go是设于女士更衣室里的。

卡瓦诺说道:“男顾客们在问:‘嘿,我怎么办?我又无法去女更衣室吹头发’。所以我们在考虑到把它搬公用区域。”For the conceivable future, the all-gender blowout bar looks to be the only moderately intimate gym location where men and women are likely to mix. For a city now seemingly mostly composed of subsidized young people from posh liberal arts schools who all dormed and often showered together, it’s queer, and a little sad, to see that desires for privacy and gender segregation are still entrenched in design.在可以再会的未来,仅有性别吹发室有可能是健身房里唯一一个男女相处的中度亲近的地方。纽约市现在或许主要由上流文科院校里不受资助的年轻人构成,他们都寄居宿舍,常常一起洗浴,所以,看见对偷窥和性别隔绝的渴求仍深深不存在于设计之中,让人实在怪异而悲伤。

“We had an attempt at a coed sauna, thinking it would work well,” Mr. Kavanaugh said. “But it didn’t. I was surprised at the amount of puritanical behavior around mixing the sexes. I guess it goes to wanting more privacy.”卡瓦诺说道:“我们曾成立过一个男女共用的桑拿房,以为它不会很热门,但其实不然。我很怪异,男女相处时,很多人会深感严肃。我猜中是因为人们期望享有更加多偷窥空间。

”“If there was a man in there, women wouldn’t go in,” he said. “If there was a woman in there, men wouldn’t go in. It became very strange. I’m surprised at how less enlightened we are about crossing and mixing genders.”他说道:“如果里面有个男人,女人们会进来。如果里面有个女人,男人们会进来。这很怪异。我不明白为什么我们在男女共用方面这么不文治。

”Gym designers have waged a long battle to make the locker room not sad, not alienating and not a place that smells like butts. They treat urban loneliness and personal shame as a product problem — with a product solution. And their success means that the gym is now both everyone’s extra bathroom and extra living room.长期以来,健身房设计师们在希望让更衣室仍然悲伤,仍然亲近,仍然是一个闻起来臭烘烘的地方。他们指出城市的孤独感和个人羞耻感是产品问题,需要通过改良产品获得解决问题。他们的顺利意味著,如今健身房是大家的另一个卫生间和另一个起居室。The other day I visited the new Equinox Brookfield Place, where the men’s executive locker room is reached by iris scan. The perfection of all possible lighting has been achieved at the very manly locker sinks, and I spent quite some time staring lovingly at myself there. I’ve never looked better.有一天,我去参观布鲁克菲尔德广场(Brookfield Place)原设的Equinox健身房,那里的高级男更衣室要通过虹膜扫瞄才能转入。

盥洗区很有男人味,灯光效果极好,我长时间含情脉脉地身旁着镜子中的自己,实在自己从未这么美过。Gym capitalism works. I don’t think I’m lonely anymore.健身房资本主义起起到了。我仍然实在自己是寂寞的。





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